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  The Mindful Self-Compassion                  In person, by phone, via Skype                                Training      
           (MSC) 8-wk Program                   
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              Starts May 4, 2016                                                                                                             support
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                        UCLA's                                                         Retreat

    "Mindful Awareness Practices"          ** Mindful Self-Compassion (MSC) 5-day Intensive
                 in Santa Monica                           with Kristin Neff, PhD and Christopher Germer, PhD
             MAPs 2 starts May 3                                             Learn more     
      "Cultivating Positive Emotions"                                              
                                                                      Upcoming retreats to be announced soon

The Benefits of Mindfulness training

Mindfulness is the practice of awareness that makes you feel "alive".  In Mindful Wellness Training you learn daily mindfulness practices including meditation and the cultivation of positive mood states that can change your life.  Even if you apply Mindfulness methods just a few minutes a day you can reduce stress and transform your life.  Allow yourself to discover your own experience of optimal health.

Mindful Wellness Training offers techniques backed by the latest neuroscience research to train your brain to develop greater well-being, joy, and reduced stress.  You will learn mindfulness methods to improve health:
  • Reduce stress at work and at home
  • Strengthen your immune system
  • Reduce blood pressure
  • Learn evidence based exercises to positively change your brain
  • Improve mental clarity
  • Increase awareness of reactive emotions that cause stress
  • Learn techniques for enhanced mood

Access a completely new way of balancing your life and a new way of dealing with obstacles that allows you to thrive...
  • Develop greater personal presence
  • Improve confidence
  • Develop greater focus
  • Hold attention longer for better relationships
  • Improve communication
  • Free yourself from unwanted habitual thoughts
  • Perform at your peak level



Upcoming Even


May 3

10-12noon *NEW DATE

UCLA MAPs 2 class
"Cultivating Positive Emotions"

6-wk class in
Santa Monica
Learn more


May 4 -
Jun 22

Wednesday Eves


Mindful Self Compassion Class
developed by Kristin Neff
8-wk class in
West LA


6:00 PM

1:00 PM
9:30 AM

Meditation Studio
Drop-in meditation. Teaching every Monday evening, Thursday midday and Friday morning.
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Map it

May 4
May 18
  5:30 PM
  *New       Time*
Mindfulness meditation
drop-in at
Santa Monica Library
, Montana Branch, free. 1st and 3rd Wednesdays. 
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May 25
  5:30 PM
*New    Time*

Mindfulness meditation
drop-in at Palisades Library, free. Last Wednesdays of month.
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May 10 Tuesdays


SM/UCLA Medical Center Mindfulness Meditation drop-in

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